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Welcome to Kiwi Spies. Here you will find original research on three New Zealanders who were suspected of having spied for the Soviet Union during the Cold War: Desmond (Paddy) Costello, Dr William Sutch and Ian Milner.

This website is dedicated to promoting debate about New Zealand during the Cold War. Contributions related to New Zealand spies and related topics are most welcome.

  • Ian Milner: The MI5 files
    The seven MI5 files on Ian Milner released to the National Archives UK on 28 November 2017, cover the period from October 1934 to July 1964.
  • Paddy Costello – What the Archives Tell Us
    New documentary material from archives in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States and France presents a clearer case that New Zealander Paddy Costello was a spy for the Soviet Union.
  • The Sutch Case
    Declassified files from the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation shed fresh light on the Sutch Case.

    Aaron Fox, ‘The Price of Collective Security: State-sponsored Anti-communism in New Zealand during the Cold War’, first published in Ian McGibbon and John Crawford (eds), Seeing Red. New Zealand, the Commonwealth and the Cold War 1945-91, NZ Military History Committee, Wellington, 2012.
    The Pedigree of Truth,

    The Price of Collective Security,
  •  Ian Milner – the Rhodes Scholar Spy?
    Did New Zealander Ian Milner spy for the Communist Party of Australia and the Soviet Union in Australia and New York in the 1940s, before defecting to Czechoslovakia in 1950?

    Aaron Fox, ‘The Pedigree of Truth: Western Intelligence Agencies versus Ian Frank George Milner and William Ball Sutch’, first published in Alexander Trepeznik and Aaron Fox (eds), Lenin’s Legacy Down Under. New Zealand’s Cold War, Otago University Press, Dunedin, 2004.

    Was Ian Milner a Spy? An on-line essay by Denis Lenihan, first published in Kōtare : New Zealand Notes & Queries, Victoria University of Wellington, 2008:
    The Pedigree of Truth,

    Was Ian Milner a Spy?
  • New Zealand and the Cold War
    Illustrated surveys of espionage and New Zealand during the Cold War. The first (Uncloaking the Dagger) illustrates the Milner and Sutch cases, while the second (Moscow Rules) is a more general survey of Soviet Intelligence and New Zealand.

    Uncloaking the Dagger was first presented to the Seeing Red - New Zealand in the Cold War Conference, Wellington, 7 July 2007.

    Moscow Rules was first delivered on 14 November 2007 at the New Zealand and Russia in a changing world - a multi-faceted perspective, Russian Studies Research Cluster Symposium, University of Otago, Dunedin.
    Uncloaking the Dagger: New Zealanders, Espionage and Western Intelligence, read more...

    Moscow Rules,
  • Costello and his wife
    In May 2017, MI5 released through the National Archives UK its files on Costello and his wife. They disclose material which MI5 thought ‘amounts to proof’ that both ‘were acting in some way as agents of the Russian Intelligence Service’.
  • DOG, ROSE and drat
    Denis Lenihan argues that the file also shows that Costello was protected by MI5’s Roger Hollis, later accused of working for the USSR spy agency the GRU.